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Our Story

We are Playgoz

Playgoz is a small U.S. family-owned business specializing in manufacturing and selling premier outdoor play equipment for children across the world. Each product is thoughtfully designed for fun while meeting our strict safety standards. We are passionate about the outdoors and motivating kids to get outside, exercise, and enjoy nature while helping feed hungry children around the globe.

We believe expanding learning space to the outdoors instills the qualities of being physically healthy, well-rounded, independent, and compassionate, all while developing a greater appreciation for the environment.

Additionally, we choose to donate to The World Food Programme by The United Nations. For every Swing ordered from Playgoz, you can help feed a child for a day.


Customer service is of the upmost importance to us as we expand our product line. We appreciate your feedback! Please send us a message here or reach out by Facebook or Instagram.

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